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linux – WIFI – 禁用热点登录屏幕

2019-08-14 07:53:31  阅读:24  来源: 互联网

标签:linux wifi fedora gnome3

我正在运行Fedora 27,我的大学使用网络身份验证门户,因此GNOME会弹出一个热点登录界面.我想禁用此屏幕,只需在Firefox中打开它,因为我的登录数据已经存在.如何更改此设置?我已经检查了设置应用,并且没有设置可以更改它.

除非有更好的方法来通过强制门户网站.我看到了WHISPr协议的提及.我大学使用的强制门户网站是Cisco Meraki.



       This section controls NetworkManager's optional connectivity checking
       functionality. This allows NetworkManager to detect whether or not the
       system can actually access the internet or whether it is behind a
       captive portal.

           The URI of a web page to periodically request when connectivity is
           being checked. This page should return the header
           "X-NetworkManager-Status" with a value of "online". Alternatively,
           it's body content should be set to "NetworkManager is online". The
           body content check can be controlled by the response option. If
           this option is blank or missing, connectivity checking is disabled.


If a default NetworkManager.conf is provided by your distribution’s
packages, you should not modify it, since your changes may get
overwritten by package updates. Instead, you can add additional .conf
files to the /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d directory. These will be read
in order, with later files overriding earlier ones. Packages might
install further configuration snippets to
/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d. This directory is parsed first, even
before NetworkManager.conf. Scripts can also put per-boot configuration
into /run/NetworkManager/conf.d. This directory is parsed second, also
before NetworkManager.conf. The loading of a file
/run/NetworkManager/conf.d/name.conf can be prevented by adding a file
/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/name.conf. Likewise, a file
/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/name.conf can be shadowed by putting a
file of the same name to either /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d or


sudo touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity-fedora.conf

这将在/ etc目录下创建一个空文件,覆盖/usr/lib中的默认值.这是许多现代Linux应用程序中的常见模式 – 程序包附带的默认值位于/usr/lib下,并且可以在/ etc中覆盖这些默认值.

来源: https://codeday.me/bug/20190814/1651382.html


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