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DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE and controlling non-recoverable load operations

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DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE and controlling non-recoverable load operations


Question & Answer


This document addresses the question of whether there is a way to restrict users from using NONRECOVERABLE loads. It also describes the usage of the DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE registry variable.


Is there a way to restrict users from using NONRECOVERABLE loads?

No. The DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE registry can be set on the server to automatically convert:

  • COPY NO Loads to NONRECOVERABLE loads, or
  • COPY NO Loads to COPY YES loads.
There is no way to convert NONRECOVERABLE loads to any other type of load operation.

How to use DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE registry variable

The DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE can be set on the server as follows:
db2set DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE="COPY YES to <path name>"
... where <path name> is a path that the instance owner has permission on.

Here is an example of how the registry variable can be used:
  1. Create a directory named /TMP/myinstance that the instance owner has write access to.
  2. Run the following commands:
    db2 update db cfg for sample using LOGRETAIN ON
    db2 terminate
    db2 backup db sample
    db2set DB2_LOAD_COPY_NO_OVERRIDE="COPY YES to /TMP/myinstance"
    db2 connect to sample
    db2 "export to employee.del of del select * from employee"
    db2 "load from employee.del of del modified by coldel, replace into employee COPY NO"

You will note that the COPY NO load above gets converted to a COPY YES and the COPY YES load would be placed on /TMP/myinstance.

Note: The registry variable can be set to any valid COPY YES syntax. Refer to the LOAD command for an example of the COPY YES syntax.  

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